Belaidė lauko sirena ir stroboskopas WSS skirta CB32-B, CB32-G

Belaidė lauko sirena ir stroboskopas WSS skirta CB32-B, CB32-G

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WSS siren and strobe is alarm signalling device with loud siren and strobe light designed for outdoor installation in alarm and security systems. The WSS includes 12V/1.2Ah rechargeable battery and 230VAC/15VDC-800mA mains adapter. In addition to its alarming functions the siren features system arming and disarming confirmation sounds allowing home or property owner to external signalled arming and disarming of the system with the use of a key-fob remote control transmitter, just like remote setting on & off of a car alarm. Microprocessor’s control of the WSS siren along with two-way transceiver communication with CB32 and CB32G control panels enable remote selection of siren’s functions using control panel keypad. Though the siren is a fully supervised device dedicated to use with Elmes Electronic CB32 and CB32G alarm panels, it may also be used in any alarm system, also hard-wired, when installed with optional “wired-to-wireless” interface module WSM. Commands and monitoring signals receipt are confirmed for security reasons. Other important features include anti-sabotage instant alarming and AC power supply failure notification. The 12V/1.2Ah rechargeable battery is the master source of power supply to the siren and the strobe light both in normal operation and in case of AC power failure. The battery is charged by an external 230VAC/15VDC-800mA power pack plugged into 230VAC mains outlet. The WSS siren may also be powered from a wired alarm 13.8VDC power line or any external 13.8VDC battery backup power supply.  

Dynamic code system:
KEELOQ® of Microchip Corp. USA

Operating frequency:
433,92 MHz

Average operating distance:
up to 200m (in open field)

Operating temperature:
-20 – +40 °C

260x145x82 mm

Additional advantages:
– Designed for wireless alarm control panels CB32 and CB32G – Two way communication interface – Compatible with any wired alarm control panel via WSM module

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