Photoelectric wireless smoke detector MTS166/9V
Fotoelektrinis belaidis dūmų detektorius MTS166/9V

Fotoelektrinis belaidis dūmų detektorius MTS166/9V

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MTS166 detector consists of autonomous battery operated audible smoke alarm and wireless alarm module transmitting smoke alarm signal to alarm control panel or dedicated receivers. Detection of smoke obscuration generates loud 85dB horn alarm along with wireless alarm transmissions to corresponding CB32 wireless control panel or receiver where emergency state is further notified. Operated with  receivers may constitute a smoke alarm zone as part of any existing or newly designed security alarm system installation in households. Powered by carbon-zinc 9V battery (included) the detector operates up to one year, while up to three years operation may be obtained when powered by alkaline or lithium battery. When operating with CB32 panel or dedicated receivers CH8HR or CH20HR, the detector features monitoring of detector presence and battery voltage level. After 24 hours of no test signal from the detector, the receivers and the control panel indicate its absence (sabotage or failure function). Also, low battery in the detector is indicated in the receivers and the control panel. Random timing of test and alarm transmissions of the wireless module allows many MTS detectors to be installed in close vicinity. The detector does not emit hazardous radiation and its operation is entirely based on photoelectric chamber obscuration by incoming smoke. The detector is intended for use in single occupancy dwellings only and should not be installed in public and industrial places. Read manual fully before MTS installation and retain it for future reference

Dynamic code system:
KEELOQ® of Microchip Corp. USA

Operating frequency:
433,92 MHz

Power supply:
9V battery (carbon-zinc battery included)

Average battery life time:
up to 3 year (with alkaline or lithium battery)

Operating temperature:
0 – +44 °C

Ø100×55 mm

Additional advantages:
– Detects visible smokes – Built in siren 85dB – Wireless communication with CB32, CB32G, CH8HR, CH20HR – Operating ambient humidity range: 10% to 90%

Download Datasheet MTS166 Download Manual MTS166

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