7″ Vaizdo domofonas M-75SD Sidabrinis HD Metalas 1.0


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The video door-phone Myers M-75SD Silver HD Metal 1.0 with the technology hands-free will become not only a reliable element of your home security but will also emphasize any, even the most refined, interior design. The model is equipped with a large 7-inch screen, which allows you to view video and photos of visitors comfortably and to manage easily all the functions and settings of the device. The peculiarity of the model is the ability to connect an additional entry panel and two surveillance cameras for visual monitoring of the territory of your home in real time. Myers M-75SD Silver HD Metal 1.0 has also an intercom function with support of 4 monitors. To store the video and photo information about calls of your visitors, the video door-phone is equipped with a slot for SD memory cards supported up to 32 GB (a memory card is not included in the standard packaging arrangement). In addition to the mounting kit, the package also includes a metal bracket for secure mounting of the door-phone onto the wall. The excellent quality of production and reliable operation of M-75SD Silver HD Metal 1.0 allowed increasing the guarantee period of the door-phone up to 1 year.

7.0″ TFT


Support call panels, CCTV camera:
Supports two call panels and two CCTV cameras

Support monitor (intercom), pcs.:

Housing material:
Solid metal

Operating temperature:
+10 – +50 °C

Record photo/video:
+/+ (on SD card)


Interface languages:
English, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian

Additional advantages:
– 2 years warranty – Support the intercom function – Lock control

Download datasheets M-75SD Silver HD Metal 1.0 Attention!

  • Only qualified technician should be authorized to service this equipment
  • Avoid placing the device near sources of strong electromagnetic radiation.
  • Do not install the device in places exposed to direct sunlight, rain, extremely high temperatures, high humidity levels, high dust levels and aggressive chemicals.
  • The most appropriate place to install the device is at the level of the user’s eyes.
  • Prior to installation and removal of the device please make sure that the power supply is off.
  • Install the device at least 30cm away from the power supply lines to avoid interference.
  • Avoid ingress of moisture, foreign particles, and insects into the device enclosure.

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 0.5 kg

Korpuso medžiaga:

Darbinė temperatūra:

Foto/video įrašymas:



Telefonspinų palaikimas:

Monitorių palaikymas:


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