7" Video doorphone set M-75SD Silver HD Metal 1.0 + D-200S HD
7″ Vaizdo domofono komplektas M-75SD Sidabrinis HD Metalas 1.0 + D-200BR HD

7″ Vaizdo domofono komplektas M-75SD Sidabrinis HD Metalas 1.0 + D-200BR HD

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7″ Videophone M-75SD Silver HD Metal 1.0

7.0″ TFT


Support call panels, CCTV camera:
Supports two call panels and two CCTV cameras

Support monitor (intercom), pcs.:

Housing material:
Solid metal

Operating temperature:
+10 – +50 °C

Record photo/video:
+/+ (on SD card)

237.9×144.1×19.5 mm

340 g

Interface languages:
English, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian

Additional advantages:
– 2 years warranty – Support the intercom function – Lock control

Video calling panel D-200BR HD

AHD-M (1.3Mp)

Fixed focus, f=2.8 mm. Wide angle, best recognition results at the distance up to 3 meters

Night vision:
Up to 3 m

Horizontal / Vertical angle of view:
90° / 74°

Housing material:
Solid metal

Housing protection:
IP44. Water splashes and external objects protection

Power supply:
DC 12V/0.2А ( from intercom )

140х45х40 mm

340 g

Operating temperature:
-40 – +60 °C

Additional advantages:
– 2 years warranty – Relay lock control – Vandal-proof design – Angel bracket and waterproof cover

DVR compatibility

Surveillance system can be connected to the DVR. You will always know who came to you while you are out of home.


  • Only qualified technician should be authorized to service this equipment.
  • Avoid placing the device near sources of strong electromagnetic radiation.
  • Do not install the device in places exposed to direct sunlight, rain, extremely high temperatures, high humidity levels, high dust levels and aggressive chemicals.
  • The most appropriate place to install the device is at the level of the user’s eyes.
  • Prior to installation and removal of the device please make sure that the power supply is off.
  • Install the device at least 30cm away from the power supply lines to avoid interference.
  • Avoid ingress of moisture, foreign particles, and insects into the device enclosure.

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